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Our GreenRise Team

Tom Schmedes

Robin Biener

"With GreenRise we stand up for a world in which everybody receives at least one first chance of leading a life worth living. It’s a world where we use our awareness and courage to create a better future for our planet and its inhabitants. In Sierra Leone – West Africa, one of the poorest countries in the world, we’re making a humble start towards that vision."

All of us would actually wish for...


… children to be able to attend school, instead of having to work on fields or in mines.

... parents to be able to earn enough of a living to protect their family from hunger.

… people – no matter where on earth – to have access to clean drinking water.

… a mother not to lose her life due to minor complications upon birth to her child.

Together We Can Realise Our Wishes

It has never been as easy as today to bring people together to make a difference, and for everybody hoping for a better world, there’s good news: A lot of progress has been made in the last decades. More than a billion people have achieved to jump out of extreme poverty. However, at the same time, we are facing significant challenges. Lately, the immense refugee movement has made it more apparent than ever before that also the 800 million people still living in poverty deserve a chance of leading a life with dignity and happiness.


The immense number of refugees coming to Europe has sparked the feeling of discomfort and insecurity among many Europeans. While rightist thinking has experienced new impetus, many people have held up their ideals of solidarity and open borders.

But we should ask ourselves, are Syrians or Iraqis really happy if they are forced to leave behind their familiar environment when fleeing to Europe? Are North Africans on the search for better perspectives actually satisfied with abandoning their country, friends, and families when they are setting out for the daunting crossing of the Mediterranean? Would thousands of West Africans not actually prefer having a chance to lead a pleasant life in their home countries instead of crossing the Sahara by foot on an often deadly journey?


Well, we believe they do!

And this is why we are standing up for:



Dignity. Chances. Perspectives. For people – no matter where in the world.

Our Goal

Providing development opportunities to smallholder farmers to end rural poverty and child labour and to foster a sustainable, ecological development.

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